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James E. Whitaker

James E. Whitaker


Bishop Whitaker is known as the Black Japanese (ko-ko nihon jin) in Okinawa. In the Philippines he is known as Kuya James or Big Brother. He holds a B.A. in Asian Studies (UMUC-84), an M.A. in Bible and International Culture (CBS-90), an M.A. in Psychology and Counseling (BSU-88), and is currently working on his DMIN in Pastoral Leadership from Liberty University.

Zion Christian Ministries and our US sponsoring organization “Global Outreach Ministries-Okinawa; Los Angeles, California”, is focused on training the next generation of Christian Leaders.  We have a 2010 initiative to establish a World Headquarters and open ministry centers in several nations throughout the world.  Your Prayers and Gifts will help us reach this objective!

Bishop James Whitaker

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