Admissions Process

To register for admission at Zion Christian Academy (ZCAI) you will need to pick up an application packet from the school office. This packet consists of:


  • Enrollment Application
  • Re-Enrollment Application
  • Student Questionnaire
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Pastoral Reference Form (Optional)
  • Enrollment Disclosure Form
  • Athletics Registration Form
  • Student Emergency Information
  • Medical History Information


You will also need to make sure we have the following turned in with your application:


  • Registration Fee
  • Copy of most recent report card or standardized test
  • Up to date shot records
  • Last Report card
  • SAT Scores
  • Name and address of former school


Once the forms have been filled out, please forward them to the school office.   You will be contacted to arrange for a personal interview (for first time students). The student and parent(s)/guardian must attend the interview.


A date will be given at the interview for a core subject test (if necessary). This test is to help assess your child’s placement at ZCAI.


Acceptance is based on the evaluation of the personal interview, references, academic report, core test score, and the student’s desire to attend ZCAI.

Tuition & Fees



  • New Family Registration Fee :                            ¥42,000
    • Each additional K3-12  same family              ¥7,500
    • Stanford Test Fee 1st-12th Grade                  ¥7,500
    • Yearbook                                                          ¥5,000 (per family)
  •  New Family Registration Fee :                           ¥23,400
    • Each additional K3-12  same family              ¥7,500
    • Stanford Test Fee 1st-12th Grade                  ¥7,500
    • Yearbook                                                          ¥5,000 (per family)


  •   Uniform Fee :                                                    ¥33,300 (per student)
    • For this fee your child will receive 2 shirts (blouses), 2 pair of pants (skirts), 2 P.E. Shirts, 2 P.E Shorts, 1 P.E. sweat pant, and 1 parka/hoodie.
    • NOTE: This fee is not required for returning students. (Please ensure that your child has at least 2 sets of “New” or “serviceable” uniforms.)


  • Sports Fee :
    • K3-5                                                                  ¥1,900
    • 1st-5th                                                              ¥2,800
    • 6th-12th                                                           ¥5,500


  • Book Fees:
    • K3-5                                                                  ¥16,400
    • 1st-5th                                                              ¥25,700
    • 6th-12th                                                           ¥28,000
    • NOTE: There will be an additional fee of  ¥12,000 to cover shipping on all books and course related materials for registrations after July 1st.



  • K3-5                                                                  ¥52,500 Full Day (5 days a week)
  • 1st-5th                                                              ¥52,500
  • 6th-12th                                                           ¥58,300

The first month’s tuition is due August 1st! 

  • Tuition is bases on a school year consisting of ten months.A full month’s tuition must be paid each month from August through May. Parents are reminded that tuition payments must be made for periods of vacation or absences.
  • Tuition payments are to be made on the 1st of each month prior to the actual month of school.(example: payment due August 1st for the start of school in September.) In the event that the first day fall son a weekend or holiday, tuition will be due the next school day.
  • ZCA will allow a 20-day grace period. However, if tuition is not paid by the twentieth (20th) day of the month, a late fee of ¥3,000 will be charged to the account.
  • Families who have not paid their tuition or with whom no plan of payment has been established will face the possibility of suspension of their child(ren) until the tuition can me paid or arrangements made.


If you are a member of Zion Christian Fellowship, please contact the office for the Members Special Tuition Rate. This rate is considerably lower for members in good standing with Zion Christian Fellowship.

A ¥5,000 discount each month will be given to any parent who gets another family to enroll a new student into Zion Christian Academy as long as the student remains actively enrolled in Zion.




Parent & Student Handbook